Steven W. Peterson

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This paper evaluates the factors that control the flexibility of fabric space-suit elements, in particular gloves, by examining a bending model of a pressurized fabric tube. Results from the model are used to evaluate the design strategies used in space-suit components, to evaluate the current direction in research on highly mobile space-suit gloves and to(More)
This correspondence presents a prototype of a powered hand exoskeleton that is designed to fit over the gloved hand of an astronaut and offset the stiffness of the pressurized space suit. This will keep the productive time spent in extravehicular activity from being constrained by hand fatigue. The exoskeleton has a three-finger design, the third and fourth(More)
Human lung development begins around day 26 postconception and continues throughout early childhood. Many crucial events can affect this delicate tissue as it develops, leading to altered and abnormal growth and development of the lungs, thereby yielding a variety of morbidities and sometimes even mortality. Understanding the pathophysiology of lung injury(More)
We obtained J-, Hand JH-band photometry of known extrasolar planet transiting systems at the 2.1-m Kitt Peak National Observatory Telescope using the FLAMINGOS infrared camera between October 2008 and October 2011. From the derived lightcurves we have extracted the mid-transit times, transit depths and transit durations for these events. The precise(More)
Femininity is often associated with the nursing profession, but is not one of its defining characteristics. Men have been providing care to the sick and injured for many centuries, and they continue to do so for many reasons. Male nurses display a wide range of caring practices, which may not always be interpreted as such by their female counterparts. This(More)
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