Steven W. Hammond

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This thesisinvestigatesthe mappingproblem: assignthe tasksof a parallel program to the processorsof a parallel computer suchthat the execution time is minimized. First, a taxonomy of objective functions and heuristics usedto solvethe mapping problem is presented. Next, we develop a highly parallel heuristic mapping algorithm, called Cyclic Pairwise Exchange(More)
In this paper we discuss different approaches for exploiting parallelism in the ICCG method for solving large sparse symmetric positive ,lefinite systems of equations on a shared memory parallel computer. Techniques for efficiently solving triangular systems and computing sparse matrix-vector prodm:ts are explored. Three methods for scheduling the tasks in(More)
In November 1994, the NEC Corporation announced the SX-4 supercomputer. It is the third in the SX series of supercomputers and is upward compatible from the SX-3R vector processor with enhancements for scalar processing, short vector processing, and parallel processing. In this paper we describe the architecture of the SX-4 which has an 8.0 ns clock cycle(More)
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