Steven W. Hammond

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In a sample of 60 schizophrenic patients encompassing all grades of severity and chronicity memory impairment was found to be prevalent, often substantial, and disproportionate to the overall level of intellectual impairment. The deficits were not easily attributable to poor cooperation, attention or motivation; nor were they related to neuroleptic or(More)
automatic nested dissection algorithm for irregular nite element problems. An approximate max-ow min-cut theorem for uniform multicommodity ow problems with applications to approximation algorithms. 9 interesting to study (either analytically or experimentally) the quality of the best circle-or plane-induced partitions of spectrally embedded graphs. The(More)
Memory impairment is not usually considered to form part of the clinical picture of schizophrenia, except perhaps in severely deteriorated patients. In a survey of 60 patients encompassing all grades of severity and chronicity poor memory performance was found to be common, sometimes substantial, and disproportionately pronounced compared to the degree of(More)
In November 1994, the NEC Corporation announced the SX-4 supercomputer. It is the third in the SX series of supercomputers and is upward compatible from the SX-3R vector processor with enhancements for scalar processing, short vector processing, and parallel processing. In this paper we describe the architecture of the SX-4 which has an 8.0 ns clock cycle(More)