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This is a review article describing the recent developments in Video based Fire Detection (VFD). Video surveillance cameras and computer vision methods are widely used in many security applications. It is also possible to use security cameras and special purpose infrared surveillance cameras for fire detection. This requires intelligent video processing(More)
The UGent Institutional Repository is the electronic archiving and dissemination platform for all UGent research publications. Ghent University has implemented a mandate stipulating that all academic publications of UGent researchers should be deposited and archived in this repository. Except for items where current copyright restrictions apply, these(More)
Over the last 4 years phenotyping is becoming more and more automated, decreasing a lot of manual labour. Features, which uniquely define the plant, can be extracted automatically from images. As a lot of plant data has to be processed in order to extract the features, fast processing of these features is a challenge. Therefore in this paper, a new method(More)
Hyperspectral image (HSI) classification is one of the most widely used methods for scene analysis from hyperspectral imagery. In the past, many different engineered features have been proposed for the HSI classification problem. In this paper, however, we propose a feature learning approach for hyperspectral image classification based on convolutional(More)
Despite adding emotions to applications has proven to enhance the user experience, emotion recognition applications are still not widely available nor used. Within this paper, emotion recognition is done on Twitter tweets using six emotion classification algorithms that are compared on precision and timing. The paper shows that precision can be enhanced by(More)
This paper proposes two novel time-of-flight based fire detection methods for indoor and outdoor fire detection. The indoor detector is based on the depth and amplitude image of a time-of-flight camera. Using this multi-modal information, flames can be detected very accurately by fast changing depth and amplitude disorder detection. In order to detect the(More)
Fire is one of the leading hazards affecting everyday life around the world. The sooner the fire is detected, the better the chances are for survival. Today’s fire alarm systems, such as video-based smoke detectors, however, still pose many problems. In order to accomplish more accurate video-based smoke detection and to reduce false alarms, this paper(More)