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In a temporal planning and reasoning system, many logical assertions will have a limited life span: they are "terminated" by later, contradictory assertions. By observing assertion terminators, the lifetime of an assertion can be bounded within an interval called the scope. Assertion scopes can greatly reduce the number of relevant matches returned from an(More)
Input limited transduction expressions, or translation equations, are used to describe the syntax and left-context sensitive semantics for context-free languages. A formal procedure is given for deriving from a set of translation equations the specifications for a pushdown translator. The translator consists of Mealy form finite-state automata interacting(More)
Structural matching, originally introduced by S t e v en Vere in the mid-seventies, was a popular subbeld of inductive concept-learning in the late seventies and early eighties. Despite various attempts to formalize and implement the notion of \most speciic generalisation" of two productions, several problems remained. These include using background(More)
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