Steven Vance

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The ChemCam instrument package on the Mars rover, " Curiosity " , is the first planetary instrument that employs laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to determine the compositions of geological samples on another planet. However , the sampled spectra are imperfect for elemental concentration estimation because of the inevitable sampling noises, the(More)
Anomaly detection becomes increasingly important in hyper-spectral image analysis, since it can now uncover many material substances which were previously unresolved by multi-spectral sensors. In this paper, we propose a Low-rank Tensor Decomposition based anomaly Detection (LTDD) algorithm for Hyperspectral Imagery. The HSI data cube is first mod-eled as a(More)
Traditional anomaly detection methods either model the global background or the local neighborhood, that bring some apparent drawbacks, such as the unreasonable assumption of uni-modular background in global detectors, or the high false alarms by sliding windows in local detectors. In this paper, a source component-based anomaly detection approach is(More)
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