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Fetal CNS (cortex and spinal cord) transplants survive and grow in the spinal cord of adult rats. The present experiments study the initial stages (10 days) to determine the developmental pattern of early (E11) fetal cortex and spinal cord transplants implanted into the T6 spinal cord of adult rats (n = 50). Controls were age-matched fetuses or pups from(More)
The ultrastructure of cortex and spinal cord from 11-, 12-, and 15-day-old fetuses implanted into the spinal cord of adult rats was studied over 3 months. Under deep Chloropent anesthesia, a 0.5 X 1.0-mm square of fetal cortex or a 1.0-mm segment of fetal spinal cord was implanted subpially between the left dorsal column and the dorsal horn of 70 adult(More)
Hemoglobin (Hb) is an important analyte in medicine, forensics, and research. One area of crucial need for real-world Hb quantitation is the validation and quality control (QC) of reprocessed medical device cleaning. Here, we show how a microplate reader and colorimetric blood test strips can be used to quantitate nanogram (ng) quantities of Hb in a 1-min(More)
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