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Traditional robots rely for their function on computing, to store internal representations of their goals and environment and to coordinate sensing and any actuation of components required in response. Moving robotics to the single-molecule level is possible in principle, but requires facing the limited ability of individual molecules to store complex(More)
A method was presented to transform sampled machine positional data obtained from a global positioning system (GPS) receiver into a two-dimensional raster map of number of passes as a function of location. The effect of three sources of error in the transformation process were investigated: path sampling rate (receiver sampling frequency); output raster(More)
This article presents a review of preliminary research of two studies of the efficacy of virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) to treat driving phobia. Study 1 describes a case study of a patient who completed a 7-day baseline followed by three sessions of VRET. Her peak anxiety decreased within and across sessions. At the post-treatment assessment, her(More)
Molecular automata are mixtures of molecules that undergo precisely defined structural changes in response to sequential interactions with inputs. Previously studied nucleic acid-based automata include game-playing molecular devices (MAYA automata) and finite-state automata for the analysis of nucleic acids, with the latter inspiring circuits for the(More)
This paper reviews recent research and operational applications of using GPS as a tool to help monitor the locations, travel patterns, performance, and productivity of forest machines. The accuracy of dynamic GPS data collected on forest machines under different levels of forest canopy is reviewed first. Then, the paper focuses on the use of GPS for(More)
A growing body of evidence suggests that anxiety sensitivity (AS; fear of arousal-related sensations) plays a role in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Consistent with this, evidence indicates that interoceptive exposure (IE), which is a method for reducing AS, reduces PTSD symptoms. Clinical observations from our treatment studies indicate that IE(More)
The data reported by L.M. Safley, P.W. Westerman [Bioresource Technology 47 (2) (1994) 165-171] from the laboratory digestion of dairy and swine manure at psychrophilic temperatures (i.e., 10-23 degrees C) have been used to determine the response of the latest comprehensive dynamic mathematical model of methanogenesis [D.T. Hill, S.A. Cobb, Transactions of(More)