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We have developed a new protocol for using molecular inversion probes to accurately and specifically measure allele copy number. The new protocol provides for significant improvements, including the reduction of input DNA (from 2 mug) by more than 25-fold (to 75 ng total genomic DNA), higher overall precision resulting in one order of magnitude lower false(More)
— Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (NGAS) has been developing InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistor technology for next generation high performance aerospace, defense and commercial applications. We present highlights and status of our production and advanced InP HBT technologies including ultra-high speed 0.25 micron emitter InP HBT.
—Static frequency dividers are widely used technology performance benchmark circuits. Using a 0.25 m 530 GHz /600 GHz+ max InP DHBT process, a static frequency divider circuit has been designed, fabricated, and measured to operate up to 200.6 GHz [1]. The divide-by-two core flip-flop dissipates 228 mW. Techniques used for the divider design optimization and(More)
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