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Estimating Discrete-Choice Models of Product Differentiation
This article considers the problem of "supply-and-demand" analysis on a cross section of oligopoly markets with differentiated products. The primary methodology is to assume that demand can beExpand
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Automobile Prices in Market Equilibrium
This paper develops techniques for empirically analyzing demand and supply in differentiated product markets and then applies these techniques to the U.S. automobile industry. The authors' frameworkExpand
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Estimation of a Model of Entry in the Airline Industry
This paper considers the effect of an airline's scale of operation at an airport on the profitability of routes flown out of that airport. The empirical methodology uses the entry decisions ofExpand
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Econometric Tools for Analyzing Market Outcomes
This paper outlines recently developed techniques for estimating the primitives needed to empirically analyze equilibrium interactions and their implications in oligopolistic markets. Expand
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Differentiated Products Demand Systems from a Combination of Micro and Macro Data: The New Car Market
In this paper, we consider how rich sources of information on consumer choice can help to identify demand parameters in a widely used class of differentiated products demand models. Expand
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Identification in Differentiated Products Markets Using Market Level Data
We present new identification results for nonparametric models of differentiated products markets, using only market level observables. Expand
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Do Mergers Increase Product Variety? Evidence from Radio Broadcasting
Mergers can reduce costs and alter incentives about how to position products, so that theory alone cannot predict whether mergers will increase product variety. We document the effect of mergers onExpand
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Airport Presence as Product Differentiation
There is now widespread recognition that an airline's operation at a given airport greatly affects its competitive position on routes flown out of that airport (see M. Levine, 1987; S. Borenstein,Expand
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Free Entry and Social Inefficiency in Radio Broadcasting
In theory, free entry can lead to social inefficiency. We study the radio industry in a first attempt to quantify this inefficiency. Using cross-sectional data on advertising prices, the number ofExpand
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Nonparametric Identification of Multinomial Choice Demand Models with Heterogeneous Consumers
We consider identification of nonparametric random utility models of multinomial choice using "micro data," i.e., observation of the characteristics and choices of individual consumers. Our model ofExpand
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