Steven T Scroggins

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We report a versatile and scalable synthesis of a water-dispersible modular star polymer platform with an enzyme-inspired hydrophobic interior. The cores of the stars can be functionalized at will, independently from the modification of the polymer structure. We explored the use of this material for the creation of a local hydrophobic solvent environment in(More)
Non-interpenetrating star polymer catalysts designed to mimic the site isolation characteristics of enzymes enable the one-pot combination of multiple otherwise incompatible catalysts for asymmetric cascade reactions that involve iminium, enamine, and H-bonding catalysis. Control experiments replacing star polymer catalysts with the corresponding small(More)
A fundamental chemoselectivity challenge that remains intrinsically unsolved in aldol-type reactions is the suppression of self-aldol reactions with enolizable aldehydes in reactions such as cross-aldol processes. Contrasting with the usual practice of using large excesses of one component to compete with the undesired self-aldehyde condensation reactions,(More)
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