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“Cloud Computing” offers many potential benefits, including cost savings, the ability to deploy applications and services quickly, and the ease of scaling those application and services once they are deployed. A key barrier for enterprise adoption is the confidentiality of data stored on Cloud Computing Infrastructure. Our simple technique implemented with(More)
Among the factors contributing to the inability of environmental and economic interest groups to resolve conflicts are the processes of social perception and social decision making. This article identifies social psychological dynamics that cause opposing parties to misunderstand each other’s interests and the facts presented to support them, thus hindering(More)
This study investigates the nonlinear/linear behaviors of human heart rate response to treadmill exercise, for young and healthy subjects. The heart rate of the subject is measured, starting at a speed of 7 km/h, and increasing until the maximum heart rate for the subject is reached. The obtained nonlinear model is complicated and is not robust.(More)
The smart grid is an important hub of interdisciplinary research where researchers from different areas of science and technology combine their efforts to enhance the traditional electrical power grid. Due to these efforts, the traditional electrical grid is now evolving. The envisioned smart grid will bring social, environmental, ethical, legal and(More)
This paper introduces the design and development process of a flapping wing air vehicle (FWAV) and the modified Silver-Gull inspired flapping wing air vehicle (SGFWAV). The selection of the flapping mechanism, power source, material and the associated manufacturing methods are discussed. Free flight test showed that the flapping of the wings were unstable(More)
Ultracapacitors (UCs) are an important energy storage technology in automotive and grid applications. They have several advantages, including high power density and extraordinarily long lifespan. Accurate State-of-Charge (SOC) tracking of UCs is critical for the reliability, resilience, and safety in system operation. This paper presents a novel robust H(More)
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