Steven Su

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Visualization of signal transduction in live primary cilia constitutes a technical challenge owing to the organelle's submicrometer dimensions and close proximity to the cell body. Using a genetically encoded calcium indicator targeted to primary cilia, we visualized calcium signaling in cilia of mouse fibroblasts and kidney cells upon chemical or(More)
Among the factors contributing to the inability of environmental and economic interest groups to resolve conflicts are the processes of social perception and social decision making. This article identifies social psychological dynamics that cause opposing parties to misunderstand each other's interests and the facts presented to support them, thus hindering(More)
This thesis involves an extensive experimental and theoretical study of the thermo-electric-related transport properties of Bii_2Sb. nanowires, and presents a theoretical framework for predicting the electrical properties of superlattice nanowires. A template-assisted fabrication scheme is employed to synthesize Bi-based nanowires by pressure injecting(More)
A negating functionality is fundamental to information processing of logic circuits within cells and computers. Aiming to adapt unutilized electronic concepts to the interrogation of signaling circuits in cells, we first took a bottom-up strategy whereby we created protein-based devices that perform negating Boolean logic operations such as NOT, NOR, NAND,(More)
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