Steven Schoenecker

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– The Gaussian Mixture Cardinalized Probability Hypothesis Density (GM-CPHD) Tracker and the Maximum Likelihood-Probabilistic Data Association (ML-PDA) Tracker were applied to the Metron simulated multi-static sonar dataset created for the MSTWG (Multistatic Tracking Working Group). The large number of measurements at each scan was a problem for the(More)
– The Gaussian Mixture Cardinalized PHD (GM-CPHD) Tracker was applied to the SEABAR07 and to the " blind " TNO dataset from the MSTWG (Multista-tic Tracking Working Group). The Maximum-Likelihood Probabilistic Data Association (MLPDA) batch tracker was applied to the TNO dataset only. The tracking results (plots and MOPs) are given.
—The Maximum Likelihood Probabilistic Data Association (ML-PDA) tracker and the Maximum Likelihood Prob-abilistic Multi-Hypothesis (ML-PMHT) tracker were applied to five synthetic multistatic active sonar scenarios featuring multiple targets, multiple sources, and multiple receivers. For each of the scenarios, Monte Carlo testing was performed to quantify(More)
Many acoustic channels suffer from interference which is neither narrowband nor impulsive. This relatively long duration partial band interference can be particularly detrimental to system performance. We survey recent work in interference mitigation as background motivation to develop a spatial diversity receiver for use in underwater networks and compare(More)