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Critical Media Literacy as Transformative Pedagogy
This chapter provides a theoretical framework of critical media literacy (CML) pedagogy and examples of practical implementation in K-12 and teacher education. It begins with a brief discussion ofExpand
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Transgender Dispossession in Transparent: Coming Out as a Euphemism for Honesty
Since the 1990s, television narratives have increased visibility for LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual) individuals and underscored the need for aExpand
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Using dispossession as an analytical lens, this essay problematizes the way in which the transgender “coming out” experience is depicted on the Amazon original serial, Transparent (2014-).Expand
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Promoting Global Competencies Through Media Literacy
Promoting Global Competencies Through Media Literacy is an advanced reference publication featuring the latest scholarly research on transdisciplinary and transformative assessment practices fromExpand
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A Trans*+ Media Literacy Framework for Navigating the Dynamically Shifting Terrain of Gender in Media: Considering Assessment of Key Competencies
Of the many identity markers that students claim and encounter throughout their educational journeys, none might be more salient than gender. While much of the European Union seems to be sloughingExpand
From a Pedagogy of Vulnerability to a Pedagogy of Resilience: A Case Study of the Youth and Gender in Media Project.
Much media attention has recently focused on gender expansive students in schools. Whether arguing over bathroom rights or wardrobe freedoms, many educators feel caught in a crossfire betweenExpand
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Critical Media Literacy in Pedagogy and in Practice: A Descriptive Study of Teacher Education Instructors and Their Students.
Author(s): Funk, Steven Seth | Advisor(s): Christie, Tina; Durkin, Diane | Abstract: This qualitative study explored the exchange between post-secondary Critical Media Literacy instructors and theirExpand
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Trans*+ and Intersex Representation and Pathologization: An Interdisciplinary Argument for Increased Medical Privacy
As other countries continue to expand cultural, medical, and legal distinctions of gender, practices of the United States often reify the gender binary. Subsequently, this Article underscores theExpand