Steven S. Vicinanza

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An exploratory study was conducted (a) to examine whether experieticed software managers could generate accurate estimates of effort required for proposed software projects and (b) to document the strategies they bring to bear in their estimations. Five experienced software project managers served as expert subjects for the study. Each manager was first(More)
"Metadata" is the fundamental set of items in the organization of health-care information, at least in computer-based patient records. Computer-based patient records remain controversial, and thus, to a considerable extent, the truth of all assertions about these areas remains a matter of opinion. A set of opinions generated during 5 years of exclusive and(More)
Scheduling complex tasks is a difficult and ill-structured problem. Totally automated solutions to certain scheduling problems have certainly been achieved; however, other types of scheduling tasks do not yield easily to traditional solution methods. The latter tasks often involve both quantitative and qualitative constraints as well as changing preferences(More)
Software effort estimation assesses the quantity of work required to develop a software project. It is a well known fact that the software industry is unable to give proper an estimate of effort, time and development cost and this is described in reports in various reports including those from project management consultancy companies through case studies on(More)
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