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Evidence exists that the observation of actions activates the same cortical motor areas that are involved in the performance of the observed actions. The neural substrate for this is the mirror neuron system. We harness this neuronal system and its ability to re-enact stored motor representations as a means for rehabilitating motor control. We combined(More)
One of the important steps on the road to becoming expert in a motor skill occurs when the individual can perform the movements in a seemingly effortless and automatic fashion. The authors review two lines of investigations, namely, fMRI and mathematically guided studies of the dynamics of skill acquisition, that suggest that this road to automatic involves(More)
Refereed Publications: 19 peer-reviewed journal articles (13 first or first faculty author; 1 student author) 480 total citations; h-index = 10; i10-index = 10 (google scholar count on 3/26/15) (2015). Does it talk the talk? On the role of basal ganglia in emotive speech processing (Commentary). (2014). Frontal and temporal contributions to understanding(More)
Pachydermodactyly is a rare and benign superficial dermal fibromatosis, characterised by asymptomatic soft tissue hypertrophy of the lateral and dorsal aspects of the proximal interphalangeal joints. The majority affected are males, with only a few reported female cases, and usually begins to develop around the age of puberty. Pachydermodactyly affects the(More)
Advances in non-invasive brain scanning and imaging technologies over the last ten years have opened up promising new methods of work for researchers. Neuroimaging techniques has enabled scientists to look for the first time into the human brain in vivo, to literally watch it while it works. This has revealed exciting insights into the spatial and temporal(More)
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