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A new framework for analyzing online bin packing algorithms is presented. This framework presents a unified way of explaining the performance of algorithms based on the Harmonic approach. Within this framework, it is shown that a new algorithm, Harmonic++, has asymptotic performance ratio at most 1.58889. It is also shown that the analysis of Harmonic+1(More)
We investigate the problem of semi-online scheduling jobs on m identical parallel machines where the jobs arrive in order of decreasing sizes. We present a complete solution for the preemptive variant of semi-online scheduling with decreasing job sizes. We give matching lower and upper bounds on the competitive ratio for any xed number m of machines; these(More)
The Computational Plant or Cplant is a commodity-based supercomputer under development at Sandia National Laboratories. This paper describes resource-allocation strategies to achieve processor locality for parallel jobs in Cplant and other supercomputers. Users of Cplant and other Sandia supercom-puters submit parallel jobs to a job queue. When a job is(More)
In the variable-sized online bin packing problem, one has to assign items to bins one by one. The bins are drawn from some fixed set of sizes, and the goal is to minimize the sum of the sizes of the bins used. We present new algorithms for this problem and show upper bounds for them which improve on the best previous upper bounds. We also show the first(More)