Steven S. Pietrobon

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SUMMARY A soft–in/soft–out algorithm which estimates the a posteriori probabilities (APP) for each transmitted bit is investigated. The soft outputs can be used at the next decoding stage, which could be an outer code or another iteration in an iterative decoding process. This algorithm is estimated to have approximately four times the complexity of the(More)
Recently, the turbo-code scheme was proposed, which achieves results very close to the Shannon-limit. The encoding and decoding of turbo-codes is reviewed. In particular, a comparison of the current methods used for terminating the trellis of the turbo-code are described. A novel approach to termination of the code is introduced which removes the need to(More)
— In this paper we investigate iterative source-channel decoding for robust JPEG coded images transmission over noisy channels. Huffman codes used as the variable-length coding scheme in JPEG coding can be represented by an irregular trellis structure proposed by Balakirsky (1997). State transition probabilities can be derived from the irregular trellis and(More)