Steven S. Liu

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BACKGROUND The smoking prevalence is high (32.5%) among male providers in community health centers in Beijing, China. The majority of providers self reported that they advise patients to quit smoking, yet they have low expectations that their counseling is effective in helping patients to quit. Many have not received training on how to advise patients to(More)
Certain medical ailments occur with increased frequency among musicians and can affect musicians of all ages and ability. These maladies range in severity from incidental, asymptomatic findings among casual a nd occasional players to serious injuries that significantly disable professional musicians from practicing or performing. The most prevalent problems(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Because capsule endoscopy (CE) avoids ionizing radiation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia, CE may be valuable in pediatrics. We report a single pediatric center's experience with the use and safety of CE. METHODS In a retrospective review of consecutive CE studies, 284 CE studies were performed in 277 patients with a mean(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) is a rare inherited immunodeficiency disorder characterized by inability of phagocytes to kill certain bacteria and fungi. Histology from colon biopsies of CGD patients have shown the presence of inflammation and granulomas, almost indistinguishable from the findings seen in Crohn's disease. We sought to(More)
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