Steven S. Laurie

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Pulmonary hypertension is a complex, progressive condition arising from a variety of genetic and pathogenic causes. Patients present with a spectrum of histologic and pathophysiological features, likely reflecting the diversity in underlying pathogenesis. It is widely recognized that structural alterations in the vascular wall contribute to all forms of(More)
An understanding of human responses to hypoxia is important for the health of millions of people worldwide who visit, live, or work in the hypoxic environment encountered at high altitudes. In spite of dozens of studies over the last 100 years, the basic mechanisms controlling acclimatization to hypoxia remain largely unknown. The AltitudeOmics project(More)
Our purpose was to report the prevalence of healthy, young, asymptomatic humans who demonstrate left heart contrast at rest, breathing room air. We evaluated 176 subjects (18-41 years old) using transthoracic saline contrast echocardiography. Left heart contrast appearing ≤3 cardiac cycles, consistent with a patent foramen ovale (PFO), was detected in 67(More)
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