Steven S. Aurand

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This paper presents data on the extent to which blood pressure (BP) and growth status at 7 years of age are associated with BP, growth, and maturity status during adolescence. Two samples of black adolescents, namely, a representative sample (n = 562) stratified by sex and age (11 to 15 years) and a sample (n = 256) with supine BP over one standard(More)
Patterns of lateral preferences of hand, eye and foot were analyzed on 7364 children, differing in race (black and white) and sex. Right hand and foot preferences were found in over 80%, and right eye preferences were found in over 50% of the subjects. No sex or race differences appeared in left-right preferences. However, significantly more females than(More)
Six scales of early cognitive functioning were administered at three times (eight months, four and seven years) to 3013 black and white, male and female children. Hypotheses addressed the nature and extent of longitudinal sex differences in cognitive abilities among racial groups varying in physical maturation. Controlling for selected socioeconomic(More)
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