Steven Rudolph

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Optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) was induced by having subjects watch a moving display in a binocular, head-fixed apparatus. The display was composed of 3.3° stripes moving at 35°/s for 45 s. It subtended 88° horizontally by 72° vertically of the central visual field and could be oriented to rotate about axes that were upright or tilted 45° or 90°. The head was(More)
We have measured the high-resolution infrared spectrum of the radical NO in the (2)Pi(1/2) state in superfluid helium nanodroplets. The features are attributed to the -doubling splitting and the hyperfine structure. The hyperfine interaction is found to be unaffected by the He solvation. For the Lambda-doubling splitting, we find a considerable increase by(More)
The authors have recorded the nu(3) infrared spectrum of methane in helium nanodroplets using our cw infrared optical parametric oscillator. In a previous paper, Nauta and Miller [Chem. Phys. Lett. 350, 225 (2001)] reported the observation of the monomer rovibrational transitions of methane in helium nanodroplets. Here, they report the observation of(More)
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