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A review of 904 unilateral hernia repairs was conducted at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario over the period of January 1985 to December 1987. Repairs were done in 758 boys and 89 girls. Repairs of 57 contralateral inguinal hernias were completed following prior unilateral repair (52 boys, 5 girls). Occurrence of contralateral hernias was 5.6%(More)
The muscles of four infants with cerebro-hepato-renal (Zellweger) syndrome were studied during life and/or at necropsy. A mitochondrial myopathy was demonstrated, similar to mitochondrial alterations demonstrated in liver and brain in this disease. Muscle fibers with red-staining subsarcolemmal aggregates were identified with Gomori trichrome stain in two(More)
PURPOSE Fowler and Stephens showed that by dividing the spermatic vessels a high intra-abdominal testis could be placed in the scrotum. Testicular atrophy is a potential complication of this technique. We conducted a systematic review to determine whether single or 2-stage Fowler-Stephens orchiopexy results in better testicular viability. MATERIALS AND(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to design and develop a mobile clinical decision support system for emergency triage of different acute pain presentations. The system should interact with existing hospital information systems, run on mobile computing devices (handheld computers) and be suitable for operation in weak-connectivity conditions (with unstable(More)
A child with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is presented. This case is unusual in that the patient has remained disease free for 11 years following surgery and only one course of chemotherapy prior to thoracotomy. The management of metastatic RCC is reviewed and the genetic mechanisms leading to its development briefly discussed.
Hirschsprung's disease (HD) is defined as a congenital absence of ganglion cells in the distal bowel. Functionally, there is a loss of enteric neuromuscular inhibition. Inhibitory intestinal innervation includes extrinsic nonadrenergic, noncholinergic (NANC) nerves. Nitric oxide (NO) is proposed to be a NANC neurotransmitter. Sites of NO synthesis can be(More)
Acridine orange, a rapid and technically simple fluorochromic stain of nucleic acids, was applied to sections of 18 specimens of resected distal colon in infants with Hirschsprung's disease. Neurons were readily identified in the submucosal and myenteric plexuses of normal ganglionic segments because of their intense orange cytoplasmic fluorescence of(More)
Both scintigraphy and real-time sonography have been used to assess acute symptoms involving the scrotum. However, because of its high sensitivity and ability to document physiologic abnormalities, scintigraphy has been the procedure of choice. Scintigraphy, however, lacks specificity; its value lies mainly in serving to distinguish torsion from nontorsion.(More)
One hundred thirty-four children referred to the pediatric surgical service with the diagnosis of possible acute appendicitis underwent abdominal ultrasonography within 24 hours of admission. A final diagnosis of appendicitis was made in 45, and of gynecological disease in 11 children. One child had pancreatitis, another jejunal perforation, and a third(More)
We reviewed the medical records of nine infants with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia and gastroesophageal reflux who underwent fundoplication-gastrostomy surgery. All the infants were born prematurely, required preoperative mechanical ventilation, and were failing to thrive. The operative procedure was well tolerated by all the infants. Seven patients(More)