Steven Rubin

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A review of 904 unilateral hernia repairs was conducted at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario over the period of January 1985 to December 1987. Repairs were done in 758 boys and 89 girls. Repairs of 57 contralateral inguinal hernias were completed following prior unilateral repair (52 boys, 5 girls). Occurrence of contralateral hernias was 5.6%(More)
OBJECTIVES Our objective was to design and develop a mobile clinical decision support system for emergency triage of different acute pain presentations. The system should interact with existing hospital information systems, run on mobile computing devices (handheld computers) and be suitable for operation in weak-connectivity conditions (with unstable(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this research was to design a clinical decision support system (CDSS) that supports heterogeneous clinical decision problems and runs on multiple computing platforms. Meeting this objective required a novel design to create an extendable and easy to maintain clinical CDSS for point of care support. The proposed solution was(More)
The muscles of four infants with cerebro-hepato-renal (Zellweger) syndrome were studied during life and/or at necropsy. A mitochondrial myopathy was demonstrated, similar to mitochondrial alterations demonstrated in liver and brain in this disease. Muscle fibers with red-staining subsarcolemmal aggregates were identified with Gomori trichrome stain in two(More)
PURPOSE Fowler and Stephens showed that by dividing the spermatic vessels a high intra-abdominal testis could be placed in the scrotum. Testicular atrophy is a potential complication of this technique. We conducted a systematic review to determine whether single or 2-stage Fowler-Stephens orchiopexy results in better testicular viability. MATERIALS AND(More)
NO is produced within peripheral blood vessels through the action of the differentially distributed constitutive and inducible NO synthase isoforms in the vessel wall. As in other sites in the periphery, NO exerts local vasodilatory actions in the gastrointestinal microvasculature and is proposed to play a role in enteric vasomotor regulation. Using NO(More)
The acute scrotum is a clinical condition in boys and adolescent males that is normally first assessed in the Emergency Department of a hospital. We used data from the patients’ charts and applied knowledge discovery technique based on rough set theory to develop a clinical decision algorithm for triaging patients with this condition. As demonstrated by a(More)
BACKGROUND Children with acute abdominal pain (AP) are frequently assessed in the Emergency Department (ED). Though the majority of patients have benign causes, uncertainty during the physician's initial assessment may result in unnecessary tests and prolonged observation before a definitive disposition decision can be made. A rule-based mobile clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Wilms' Tumor is the most common malignant neoplasm of the urinary tract in children. Since 1969, the National Wilms' Tumor Study Group (NWTSG) has contributed to improving the clinical management and outcome of children affected by Wilms' Tumor. We have managed our patients according to NWTSG protocols and report our results herein. METHODS(More)