Steven Rieder

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We present MPWide, a platform independent communication library for performing message passing between computers. Our library allows coupling of several local MPI applications through a long distance network and is specifically optimized for such communications. The implementation is deliberately kept light-weight, platform independent and the library can(More)
We present MPWide, a light weight communication library which allows efficient message passing over a distributed network. MPWide has been designed to connect application running on distributed (super)computing resources, and to maximize the communication performance on wide area networks for those without administrative privileges. It can be used to(More)
We present the results of the “Cosmogrid” cosmological N -body simulation suites based on the concordance LCDM model. The Cosmogrid simulation was performed in a 30Mpc box with 20483 particles. The mass of each particle is 1.28× 10M!, which is sufficient to resolve ultra-faint dwarfs. We found that the halo mass function shows good agreement with the Sheth(More)
The large-scale structure of the universe is comprised of virialized blob-like clusters, linear filaments, sheet-like walls and huge near empty three-dimensional voids. Characterizing the large scale universe is essential to our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies. The density range of clusters, walls and voids are relatively well(More)
We present results from our cosmological Nbody simulation which consisted of 2048x2048x2048 particles and ran distributed across three supercomputers throughout Europe. The run, which was performed as the concluding phase of the Gravitational Billion Body Problem DEISA project, integrated a 30 Mpc box of dark matter using an optimized Tree/Particle Mesh(More)
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