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Persistent object stores require a way to automatically upgrade persistent objects, to change their code and storage representation. Automatic upgrades are a challenge for such systems. Upgrades must be performed in a way that is efficient both in space and time, and that does not stop application access to the store. In addition, however, the approach must(More)
Proteins on the merozoite surface of the human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum are targets of the host's immune response. The merozoite surface location of p75, a 75 kd P. falciparum protein, was established by immunoelectron microscopy using antisera raised to the expressed product of a cDNA clone. Immunoprecipitation from protein extracts(More)
We present the results of a measurement of G made with a torsion-strip balance used in two substantially independent ways. The two results agree to within their respective uncertainties; the correlation coefficient of the two methods is -0.18. The result is G = 6.675 59(27)x10(-11) m(3) kg(-1) s(-2) with a standard uncertainty of 4.1 parts in 10(5). Our(More)
CRH, the principal regulator of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and modulator of autonomic nervous system activity, also participates in the regulation of appetite and energy expenditure. Antalarmin, a pyrrolopyrimidine compound, antagonizes CRH type 1 receptor-mediated effects of CRH, including pituitary ACTH release, stress behaviors, and acute(More)
Four experiments related human perception of depth-order relations in structure-from-motion displays to current Euclidean and affine theories of depth recovery from motion. Discrimination between parallel and nonparallel lines and relative-depth judgments was observed for orthographic projections of rigidly oscillating random-dot surfaces. We found that (1)(More)
This paper presents Javelin 2.0. It presents architectural enhancements that facilitate aggregating larger sets of host processors. It then presents: a branch-and-bound computational model, the supporting architecture, a scalable task scheduler using distributed work stealing, a distributed eager scheduler implementing fault tolerance, and the results of(More)
SPKI/SDSI is a proposed public key infrastructure that allows individuals to define local namespaces and link them to delegate trust. Unlike DNS and X.509, SPKI/SDSI's egalitarian design resists deployment on traditional authoritative server hierarchies. We present ConChord, a peer-to-peer deployment architecture for SPKI/SDSI. ConChord provides(More)
As part of our continuing effort to define structure-activity relationships for enkephalin and design enzymatically resistant analogs, we report the synthesis and biological activities of linear and cyclic enkephalin analogs modified at the Gly3-Phe4 amide bond. The partial retro-inverso enkephalin analog Tyr-D-Ala-gGly-(R,S)-mPhe-Leu-NH2 and its cyclic(More)
We place direct upper limits on the amplitude of gravitational waves from 28 isolated radio pulsars by a coherent multidetector analysis of the data collected during the second science run of the LIGO interferometric detectors. These are the first direct upper limits for 26 of the 28 pulsars. We use coordinated radio observations for the first time to build(More)