Steven R. Wilkinson

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11. Minor Planet Electronic Circ. 1997-C12 (1997). 12. Hogg, D. W., Quinlan, G. D. & Tremaine, S. Dynamical limits on dark mass in the outer solar system. Astron. J. 101, 2274–2286 (1991). 13. Whipple, F. L. A comet model I: the acceleration of comet Encke. Astrophys. J. 111, 375–394 (1950). 14. Kuiper, G. P. in Astrophysics (ed. Hynek, J. A.) 357–424(More)
All-optical phase regeneration of a binary phase-shift keying signal is demonstrated at 10-30 Gb/s without a phase-locked loop in a phase-sensitive amplification-based system using Brillouin amplification of the idler. The system achieves phase noise reduction of up to 56% and up to 11 dB OSNR gain at 10<sup>-5</sup> bit error rate for the 10 Gb/s signal.(More)
We review our recent experiments on the motion of ultracold sodium atoms in an accelerating one-dimensional standing wave of light. Atoms are trapped in a far-detuned standing wave that is accelerated for a controlled duration. A small oscillatory component is added to the acceleration, and the fraction of trapped atoms is measured as a function of the(More)
A scheme of automatically phase-locked self-homodyne detection with a low-power pilot-tone is proposed. The performance is experimentally demonstrated by back-to-back 10/20-Gbaud BPSK, 10-Gbaud QPSK and 100km-transmission of 10-Gbaud BPSK with pilot-to-signal power ratio of -30dB.
We experimentally demonstrate optical multicasting using Kerr frequency combs generated from a Si<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4</sub> microresonator. We obtain Kerr combs in two states with different noise properties by varying the pump wavelength in the resonator and investigate the effect of Kerr combs on multicasting. Seven-fold multicasting of 20 Gbaud quadrature(More)
An all-optical pilot-tone-based self-homodyne detection scheme using nonlinear wave mixing is experimentally demonstrated. Two scenarios are investigated using (1) multiple wavelength-division-multiplexed channels with sufficient power of the pilot tones and (2) a single channel with a low-power pilot tone. The eye diagram and bit error rate of the system(More)
We experimentally investigate the dependence of Kerr comb generation, comb linewidth, and coherent system performance on the pump linewidth in a microresonator. We find that the generation of the primary comb can have a larger tolerance to the pump linewidth compared with that of the low-phase-noise comb. In addition, the linewidths of the generated combs(More)
We demonstrate an optical multiplexing and transmission of QPSK-to-16QAM channels over 100 km using wave mixing for aggregation and noise mitigation. For the input signals with phase noise of ~50, 35 degree and 300 MHz noise bandwidth, the OSNR penalty of ~1dB is obtained at BER 10-<sup>3</sup> for aggregated 20 Gbaud 16QAM signal compared to the case of(More)