Steven R. Skinner

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D[x(t)] exp(i 5 m T 0 dJ[ 1 2 m x 2 V(x)]) |R(x 0 ,0)> lim N$" m (x N1 x f ,T) (x 0 ,0) dx 1 (((dx N (m 2Bi5)t) (N 1)/2 exp(i)t 5 j N j 0 [ m 2 (x j 1 x j)t) 2 V(x j)])|R(x 0 ,0)> Abstract We present a mathematical implementation of a quantum mechanical artificial neural network, in the quasi-continuum regime, using the nonlinearity inherent in the(More)
OBJECTIVES Australia was one of the first countries to implement a nationwide program providing HPV vaccination to girls at school. To date, there are no published studies describing decision-making processes and behavior postimplementation of HPV vaccination of adolescents participating in a school-based program. DESIGN A purposive sample of nine schools(More)
The sexual health needs of teenagers differ from those of adults. Young sexually active teenagers are at high risk of Chlamydia trachomatis genital infection and its complications. Teenage pregnancy continues to be a problem in Australia. Current preventive strategies and clinical services in this domain of adolescent health in Australia are deficient.(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement scales seeking to quantify latent traits like attitudes, are often developed using traditional psychometric approaches. Application of the Rasch unidimensional measurement model may complement or replace these techniques, as the model can be used to construct scales and check their psychometric properties. If data fit the model, then(More)
Artificial neural networks are learning systems modeled loosely after the architecture of the brain. These are usually envisioned as a collection of discrete nonlinear processors called artificial neurons with a massive number of artificial synapses connecting them together. A major hurdle, when attempting to build neural networks in hardware is(More)
The optical bench training of an optical feedforward neural network, developed by the authors, is presented. The network uses an optical nonlinear material for neuron processing and a trainable applied optical pattern as the network weights. The nonlinear material, with the applied weight pattern, modulates the phase front of a forward propagating(More)
Teenage pregnancy is considered a key indicator of adolescent health for good reason. 1 The associations between teenage births and mortality, morbidity, and social and economic hardship for the mother and child are well established. Research over many decades has provided us with a good understanding of the underlying factors for the complex issue of(More)