Steven R. Rodermel

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Plant variegations are characterized by the presence of white sectors in normally green tissues and organs. Whereas the white sectors contain defective plastids that lack coloured pigments, the green sectors contain morphologically normal chloroplasts. Variegation mutants are defective in chloroplast developmental processes and arise due to mutations in(More)
The immutans (im) variegation mutation of Arabidopsis has green- and white- sectored leaves due to action of a nuclear recessive gene. IM codes for PTOX, a plastoquinol oxidase in plastid membranes. Previous studies have revealed that the green and white sectors develop into sources (green tissues) and sinks (white tissues) early in leaf development. In(More)
We have developed a genetic means to recover sequences from YAC-ends near the yeast selectable marker URA3. This strategy is based on the ability of URA3 to complement mutations in pyrF, an Escherichia coli gene required for pyrimidine biosynthesis. We have developed an E.coli strain with a non-reverting allele of pyrF that is also suitable for cloning(More)
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