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In this paper we derive a reduced-order approximation to the vertical and horizontal structure of a simplified model of the baroclinically unstable Martian atmosphere. The original model uses the full hydrostatic primitive equations on a sphere, but has only highly simplified schemes to represent the detailed physics of the Martian atmosphere, e.g. forcing(More)
In Part I of this study Whitehouse et al. (2005) performed a diagnostic analysis of a simplied model of the Martian atmosphere, in which topography was absent and in which heating was modelled as Newtonian relaxation towards a zonally symmetric equilibrium temperature field. There we derived a reduced-order approximation to the vertical and the horizonal(More)
Gynecomastia is a common deformity encountered among male patients. Surgery is primarily aimed at reducing the size of the breast mound and therefore should be considered aesthetic in nature. In an attempt to minimize the problems of hematoma formation, nipple necrosis, and unsightly scarring around the upper torso after the surgery, we have had the(More)
Burns of the eyelid and surrounding structures are relatively uncommon in spite of a high incidence of thermal injuries involving the face. The etiologic factors, circumstances that precipitated the injury, and the anatomical features unique to the eyelid and adnexal area may conceivably account for the low incidence. The basic aims in reconstructing(More)
An analysis of 625 patients who had sustained burns across the axillae, elbows, wrists, or knee joints indicates that the use of splints and pressure across these joints will not only greatly decrease the incidence of contractures but will also reduce the frequency and need for release operations. However, these appliances must be used for at least 6 months(More)
Two hundred patients with neck burns were analyzed to determine the incidence of contractures. It was found that only 8 per cent of patients with second degree burns had contractures, all of which were mild. Both the overall incidence of cervical contractures in patients with third degree neck burns and their severity can be decreased by the use of a(More)