Steven R Gitterman

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Among patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), those with HIV-1 RNA <200 copies/mL and CD4 counts ≥300 cells/µL had a 97.1% probability of maintaining durable CD4 ≥200 cells/µL for 4 years. When non-HIV causes of CD4 lymphopenia were excluded, the probability rose to 99.2%. Our data support less frequent CD4 monitoring during viral(More)
The epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus infection has forced an unprecedented acceleration of drug development. The lack of effective therapy at present against many of the infectious complications of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) has forced the rapid clinical introduction of new agents. Population pharmacokinetic models are particularly(More)
In a group of 364 university faculty members, frequency of self-reported confusion in left-right orientation was related to sex and handedness: among women, reports were statistically more common among left-handers than right-handers; among men, no relationship to handedness was evident. Over-all, women reported experiencing confusion more often than men(More)
We examined the relationship between the concentrations of zidovudine in plasma given by continuous intravenous infusion to human immunodeficiency virus-positive pediatric patients and a surrogate marker of outcome (measured by the increase in the number of CD4-positive T cells) as well as drug-mediated toxicity (change in granulocyte count). The return of(More)
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