Steven R. Dunlop

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In a multicentered study, 372 patients with mild major depressive disorder with a Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D) score of 15 to 19 were randomly assigned to 6 weeks of treatment with placebo or 20 mg, 40 mg, or 60 mg/day of fluoxetine. Patients were rated weekly for improvement and the appearance of side effects. Pattern analysis of treatment(More)
In an investigation of biological indicators of stress in normal humans, undergraduate psychology students were differentiated on trait anxiety and assessed under baseline, preexam (stress), and postexam conditions. Assessment at each condition involved drawing 20 ml of blood, followed by self-reporting for selected questionnaires. Self-reports included(More)
It has become clear that the original mobile Web model of people using their portable devices to surf normal Web- pages must be refocused on the creation of applications that are tailored for the mobile experience. The eStadium project is our attempt at creating such an application. It provides live "infotainment" such as real-time statistics, instant(More)
Neuroleptic drug levels were determined in plasma and RBC in 63 subjects on various neuroleptic drugs using a radioreceptor binding assay. There was a correlation between oral dose in chlorpromazine equivalents and plasma level (r = 0.31, p less than .01). The correlation between dose and plasma level and ratios of plasma level to dose varied by drug. RBC(More)
Audio recordings of interviews with 42 psychiatric patients (10 schizophrenic, 11 manic, 11 schizoaffective, and 10 depressive patients) and 10 hospitalized orthopedic patients were rated for the presence of verbal communication impairment using the system developed by Andreasen. The definitions of some categories required additional qualifying statements(More)