Steven R. Brunner

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The defensive chemistry of two species of ants from Brunei in the genus Crematogaster (Physocrema group) has been investigated. Ants in this group release a white secretion from hypertrophied metapleural glands on their thorax when they are disturbed. Previously, one species in this group has been shown to produce alkylphenols and alkylresorcinols. In the(More)
The reported study examined the implications of receiving superficial self-disclosures from a friend. A total of 199 adults reported on communication episodes initiated by a friend during the previous 7 days via five communication technologies and completed measures of liking, relationship satisfaction, and willingness to provide social support to their(More)
The substantial growth in research examining social network sites (SNSs) during recent years makes this an opportune time to reflect on the state of SNS scholarship. In this review, we consider what—in the form of specific brands—has been studied. A content-analysis of SNS research published in six interdisciplinary journals between 1997 and 2013 is first(More)
This research study examined Bud Goodall's online health narrative as a case study through the use of a thematic analysis to investigate the presence of communication privacy management (CPM) theory. Emergent themes of humor as a privacy management strategy, legitimization of co-owners, shifting privacy rules at end of life, and metaphors as privacy(More)
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