Steven R Bayer

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To determine the effect of ovarian endometriomas on in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcome, two groups of patients were studied. Group I consisted of seven patients with ovarian endometriomas and severe pelvic adhesions treated for a total of 12 cycles. Group II patients consisted of eight patients with hydrosalpinges and comparable pelvic adhesions treated(More)
Insulin and IGF-I affect in vitro ovarian stromal and follicular cell function in several species. We previously characterized insulin receptors on human granulosa cells obtained from in vitro fertilization procedures but were unable to demonstrate specific binding of IGF-I. Following modification of the assay conditions, we now report specific, high(More)
Spectrophotometric absorbance patterns of follicular fluids (FF) obtained from in vitro fertilization patients were analyzed and compared with oocyte fertilization and embryo cleavage rates. Each absorbance pattern was resolved into three components: delta OD360, delta OD415, and delta OD455. A positive correlation was found between fertilization outcome(More)
This report describes an unusual case of ovarian torsion during an IVF cycle prior to vaginal oocyte retrieval and the subsequent embryo development. A 27-year-old, whose husband carries a balanced translocation, presented on stimulation day 11 (day after human chorionic gonadotrophin administration) with signs of right ovarian torsion. Transvaginal(More)
Follicular fluid volume, scoring of the oocyte-cumulus-corona-complex (OCCC), and spectrophotometric absorbance of the follicular fluid were separately compared between a group of fertilized (n = 53) and unfertilized oocytes (n = 35). Scoring of the OCCC and follicular fluid volumes was not found to be statistically different between the two groups.(More)
We compared pregnancy rates between a danazol-treated and an untreated group of infertile women with minimal endometriosis. After completion of a basic infertility workup and laparoscopy, women with minimal endometriosis were entered into the study and randomly selected to receive either a six-month course of danazol or no treatment at all. Those patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the 455-nm (yellow) absorbing pigments in human follicular fluid (FF). DESIGN Serum and FF samples obtained from patients undergoing in vitro fertilization were analyzed for carotenoids, bilirubin, and beta-glucuronidase concentrations. Spectrophotometric analysis in the visible spectrum was performed on FF samples, and the delta(More)
Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis was used to identify single-base differences in the cytochrome P-450 21-hydroxylase (CYP21) genes of 132 unrelated control individuals and family members of three unrelated patients with 21-hydroxylase deficiency. The salt-wasting variety was caused by gene deletion and gene conversion/deletion mutations in affected(More)
The recent trend reported by the CDC reaffirms that rubella continues to be a health care issue and should be a concern particularly for those who care for women in the childbearing age group. Immunization of all susceptible women will not only offer them protection but reduce the pool of susceptible individuals that can transmit the disease.