Steven Q. Davis

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CONTEXT The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education implemented mandatory work hour limitations in July 2003, partly out of concern for residents' well-being in the setting of sleep deprivation. These limitations are likely to also have an impact on other aspects of the lives of residents. OBJECTIVE To summarize the literature regarding the(More)
BACKGROUND The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) mandated new work hours rules for all residency programs in July 2003. PURPOSE To critically evaluate the evidence that adhering to the ACGME standards will improve patient safety. DATA SOURCES Searches of electronic databases (MEDLINE, EMBASE, PREMEDLINE, and Current Contents)(More)
The objective of this "umbrella" review is to synthesize the evidence and provide clinicians a single report that summarizes the state of knowledge regarding the use of corticosteroids in adults with acute asthma. Systematic reviews in the Cochrane Library and additional clinical trials published in English from 1966 to 2007 in MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINAHL, and(More)
Since the first successful single-lung transplant in 1983 and double-lung transplant in 1986, thousands of patients have benefited from the procedures. Until 1995, allocation of donor lungs was based purely on time on the waiting list. In 1995, a 90-day credit was given to patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, while still maintaining allocation based(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the perception of airflow obstruction in patients hospitalized for acute asthma. OBJECTIVES To evaluate patient perception of airflow obstruction at hospital discharge and at a 2-week follow-up visit and to determine whether symptom control and/or severity of airflow obstruction identified patients at risk for acute asthma(More)
Airway inflammation from respiratory infections or exposure to allergens, irritants, or both leads to increased airflow obstruction and respiratory symptoms in patients with acute asthma. Antiinflammatory therapy with systemic corticosteroids (CSs) is therefore a cornerstone of the management of patients with acute asthma, particularly those presenting to(More)
Individuals with asthma living in the inner city experience increased asthma morbidity and mortality compared to the US average. The Controlling Asthma in America’s Cities Project’s Chicago site used a multifaceted approach to improve asthma care. The diverse scope of this project’s interventions necessitated the use of novel methods to assess the effect of(More)
BACKGROUND 911 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems utilize supraglottic devices for either primary advanced airway management, or for airway rescue following failed attempts at direct laryngoscopy endotracheal intubation. There is, however, limited data on objective confirmation of supraglottic airway placement in the prehospital environment.(More)
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