Steven Peters

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BACKGROUND Although the induction of behavioural unconsciousness during sleep and general anaesthesia has been shown to involve overlapping brain mechanisms, sleep involves cyclic fluctuations between different brain states known as active (paradoxical or rapid eye movement: REM) and quiet (slow-wave or non-REM: nREM) stages whereas commonly used general(More)
State-dependent EEG in the hippocampus (HPC) has traditionally been divided into two activity patterns: theta, a large-amplitude, regular oscillation with a bandwidth of 3-12 Hz, and large-amplitude irregular activity (LIA), a less regular signal with broadband characteristics. Both of these activity patterns have been linked to the memory functions(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to examine the prevalence, sensitivity, and specificity of coronary calcium (CC), a marker of atherosclerosis, in a population of symptomatic and asymptomatic diabetic persons. METHODS We used electron beam tomography (EBT) to quantitate CC in 168 symptomatic (chest pain or anginal equivalent) persons with diabetes who underwent(More)
Afferent nerve activity from left and right atrial, left and right ventricular, interventricular septal, papillary muscle, pericardial, aortic and pulmonary vascular receptors was recorded from the left T3 white ramus communicans and the innominate, dorsal, recurrent, ventromedial, craniovagal and caudovagal cardiac nerves in alpha-chloralose-anesthetized(More)
This study examines the effects of povidone iodine, normal saline, and cefazolin alone and after scrubbing on bacterial counts in contaminated animal lacerations. Twelve albino guinea pigs each received four lacerations inoculated with a standard inoculum of Staphylococcus aureus. Twelve hours after inoculation, each wound was biopsied to ensure(More)
Cars and trucks are susceptible to accidents due to rollover. In the United States in 2005, 21.1% of a total of 54,718 deaths in vehicle crashes were caused by rollover [1]. Signifi cant research has therefore been devoted to detecting and preventing rollover through active control. Numerous approaches attempt to detect or predict wheel liftoff using(More)
The ability of autonomous or semi-autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) to rapidly and accurately predict terrain negotiability, generate efficient paths online and have effective motion control is a critical requirement for their safety and use in unstructured environments. Most techniques and algorithms for performing these functions, however, assume(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Substantial variability exists in the use of life-prolonging treatments for patients with stroke, especially near the end of life. This study explores patterns of palliative care utilization and death in hospitalized patients with stroke across the United States. METHODS Using the 2010 to 2012 nationwide inpatient sample databases,(More)
Electric mobility is of crucial importance for a sustainable future of individual mobility. Challenges in energy storage with batteries have been identified as a major barrier of a broader electrification of cars. Expensive raw materials, a high scrap rate in production of cells and the lack of a not fully automated process chain lead to high costs of(More)
BACKGROUND Intraventricular hemorrhage requiring ventriculostomy placement is a frequent complication of spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage. Although a subset of patients will require permanent ventricular shunt placement, little is known about contemporary practices regarding the timing of ventriculostomy and ventricular shunt placement after(More)