Steven P. Suchyta

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A cDNA microarray resource enhanced for transcripts specific to the bovine mammary gland (BMAM) has been developed and used in pilot studies to examine gene expression profiles in the mammary gland. One goal driving development of this resource was to shed some light on the pathways and mechanisms specifically related to bovine mammary gland growth and(More)
Recent developments in microarray technologies permit scientists to analyze expression of thousands of genes simultaneously in diverse biological systems. In an effort to provide integrated resources for application of microarray technologies to studies of skeletal muscle growth and development in swine, we have constructed a normalized cDNA library from(More)
Infection of ruminants with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (M. paratuberculosis) leads to a chronic and often fatal granulomatous enteritis known as Johne's disease. Most infections with M. paratuberculosis occur during the first 6 months of life, and there is some evidence for transmission in utero. Once established, infections typically(More)
A cDNA microarray resource has been developed with the goal of providing integrated functional genomics resources for cattle. The National Bovine Functional Genomics Consortium's (NBFGC) expressed sequence tag (EST) collection was established in 2001 to develop resources for functional genomics research. The NBFGC EST collection and microarray contains(More)
Recent developments in expressed sequence tag (EST) and cDNA microarray technology have had a dramatic impact on the ability of scientists to study responses of thousands of genes to internal and external stimuli. In neurobiology, studies of the human brain have been expanding rapidly by use of functional genomics techniques. To enhance these studies and(More)
Comparative mapping of chicken and human genomes is described, primarily of regions corresponding to human chromosomes 1, 4 and 9. Segments of chicken orthologues of selected human genes were amplified from parental DNA of the East Lansing backcross reference mapping population, and the two parental alleles were sequenced. In about 80% of the genes tested,(More)
The annotation of known genes on linkage maps provides an informative framework for synteny mapping. In comparative gene mapping, conserved synteny is broadly defined as groups of two or more linked markers that are also linked in two or more species. Although many anonymous markers have been placed on the chicken genome map, locating known genes will(More)
Suchyta, Steven P., Sue Sipkovsky, Robert G. Halgren, Rachael Kruska, Michael Elftman, Miriam Weber-Nielsen, Michael J. Vandehaar, Lan Xiao, Robert J. Tempelman, and Paul M. Coussens. Bovine mammary gene expression profiling using a cDNA microarray enhanced for mammary-specific transcripts. Physiol Genomics 16: 8–18, 2004. First published October 14, 2003;(More)
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