Steven P. Levine

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This work demonstrates for the first time the feasibility of computed tomography (CT) reconstructions of pollutant concentrations in a real room setting. A remote sensing Fourier transform infrared spectrometer was mounted on a moving base in a controlled ventilation chamber. A passive tracer was released from a point source into the room under constant(More)
A series of field evaluations was performed to estimate the overall uncertainty of three manufacturers' passive monitors (Assay Technology Model 541 and 546, 3M Model 3520, and SKC Model 575-001) to determine methylene chloride (MeCl2) concentrations. Area samples were exposed in a pharmaceutical production facility at five MeCl2 air concentrations for both(More)
Computed tomographic (CT) reconstructions of air contaminant concentration fields were conducted in a room-sized chamber employing a single open-path Fourier transform infrared (OP-FTIR) instrument and a combination of 52 flat mirrors and 4 retroreflectors. A total of 56 beam path data were repeatedly collected for around 1 hr while maintaining a stable(More)
Many chemicals, when mixed, can produce potentially hazardous effects which are harmful to human health and to the environment such as heat, pressure, fire, explosion, violent reaction, and toxic dusts, mists, fumes, and/or gases. Waste chemicals handled on a remedial action site are analyzed by simple chemical methods for compatibility. Because it is(More)
A thermally desorbable passive dosimeter for organic vapors has been developed in conformity with theoretical and practical aspects of passive dosimeter design. The device was optimized for low sample loadings which result from short-term and/or low concentration level exposure. Laboratory evaluation of this device for factors critical to the performance of(More)
There are few available analytical methods with which an industrial hygienist can perform near real-time identification and quantitation of gases and vapors in the workplace. At present, the instruments that come the closest to fulfilling this need are based on either Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy or mass spectroscopy (MS). In order to(More)
Air monitoring methods suitable for use in the workplace, though accurate for monitoring individual compounds or classes of compounds, cannot be used to monitor several compounds or classes of compounds simultaneously. In the past few years, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy has been investigated for use as a method for multicomponent(More)
The verification and recognition of peak-shaped signals in analytical data are ubiquitous scientific problems. Experimental data contain overlapping signals and noise, which make sensitive and reliable peak recognition difficult. A peak detection system based on a class of neural networks known as "multilayered perceptrons" has been created. The network was(More)
Over the 14 years since economic reform began, and the restructuring of the economy to encourage international trade, a large number of township enterprises have been developed and put into operation in the Peoples Republic of China. From 1978 to 1991, the number of enterprises has increased 11.5 times; the number of employees has increased 2.4 times; the(More)