Steven P. Gloss

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Understanding the chemical speciation of metals in solution is necessary for evaluating their toxicity and mobility in soils. Soil samples from the Powder River Basin, Wyoming were extracted with distilled deionised H2O. Soil water extracts were subjected to chemical speciation to determine the relative distribution and chemical forms of copper (Cu), zinc(More)
Chemical speciation of soil leachates is necessary for evaluating a number of processes including solid phase controls, leaching potentials and toxicity problems. The objectivps of this study were to examine chemical composition of soil leachates, potential solid phase controls of F, Mo and Se and evaluate their mobility in a calcareous soil. A typical(More)
Acidic soils often have high concentrations of dissolved aluminium (Al) and iron (Fe) in their solutions. The objective of this study was to determine potential solid phases controlling dissolved A1 and Fe concentrations in pyritic (FeS2) soils undergoing oxidation.. Soil samples were extracted with distilled-deionised H20 after reacting for 14,21 and 28(More)
-A full-recovery technique was used in mortality experiments conducted with juveniles of American shad Alosa sapidissima and striped bass Morone saxatilis passed through Ossberger crossflow turbines to obtain antecedent information about their fish passage characteristics. Immediate turbine-induced mortality was 66% for 85-mm-long (total length) American(More)
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