Steven O. McAdam

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The Arrow Lakes Reservoir and Kootenay Lake are comparable large reservoirs formed by the addition of storage onto natural lakes. Both have significant storage reservoirs upstream that are capable of subsurface withdrawal, but both show elevated outflow temperatures. For these reservoirs the presence of upstream dams capable of subsurface release of colder(More)
The influence of martensitic microstructure and prior austenite grain (PAG) size on the mechanical properties of novel maraging steel was studied. This was achieved by looking at two different martensitic structures with PAG sizes of approximately 40 µm and 80 µm, produced by hot rolling to different reductions. Two ageing heat-treatments were considered:(More)
Recovery of white sturgeon in the Upper Columbia River continues to be limited by our understanding of the species’ biology, including factors which influence growth, habitat selection and their interaction. Sampling challenges in large rivers coupled with limitations to invasive research on endangered species also create specific challenges to the detailed(More)
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