Steven Naylor

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This paper examines data from a series of visits to secondary schools in England which have been identified as doing innovative work with ICT. The paper argues that stable definitions of innovation are difficult in this context and require an understanding of both the technological contexts of innovation and the concept of a school as a dynamic learning(More)
BACKGROUND The facilities which should be available to physicians offering specialist occupational asthma services have recently been agreed upon by a UK panel of experts. AIMS This study aimed to investigate whether these facilities are available in UK non-specialist secondary care respiratory departments and to document tertiary care referral patterns.(More)
Takayasu's arteritis in a pregnant white patient is described. This case highlights the fact that, irrespective of race, any patient who presents for the first time in pregnancy with pulseless hypertensive disease or other features suggestive of Takayasu's arteritis, should have their management in labour determined by the number of complications that are(More)
Because animals prefer predictable over unpredictable shock, it was hypothesized that rats receiving unpredictable foot shock would show greater phasic blood pressure responses. Furthermore, because some studies utilizing human subjects suggest that blood pressure responses to stress are greater in those with a positive family history of hypertension, the(More)
Both the human and animal literatures suggest that reactivity to stress is enhanced in the presence of a positive family history of hypertension. There is also some suggestive evidence, though not as strong, that a high-salt diet will enhance reactivity to stress, at least in a subpopulation of individuals. In the present study, rats with zero(More)
The SHR shows chronic elevations in blood pressure in response to stress or a high salt diet, at least in some studies. Stress and salt have also been combined in studies in the SHR. Tonic levels of blood pressure are not clearly elevated by superimposing acute stress on top of a chronic high salt diet. The BHR is a new model with lower resting blood(More)
INTRODUCTION The rate of abdominal aortic aneurysm expansion is related to multiple factors. There is some evidence that inflammation can accelerate aneurysm expansion. However, the association between pulmonary sepsis and rapid abdominal aortic aneurysm expansion is rarely reported. CASE PRESENTATION Here we present a case of a rapidly expanding(More)
In this study we sought to assess the role of exercise training on blood pressure (BP) reactivity to tailshock stress in rats with varying family histories of hypertension. Exercise training consisted of swimming 90 min per day in isothermic water for either 2, 6, or 10 months, beginning at 2 months of age. Control subjects were age-matched and did not(More)