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Developmental dyslexia, characterized by unexplained difficulty in reading, is associated with behavioral deficits in phonological processing. Functional neuroimaging studies have shown a deficit in the neural mechanisms underlying phonological processing in children and adults with dyslexia. The present study examined whether behavioral remediation(More)
Single-incision laparoscopic surgery is an emerging modality that has proven to be safe and feasible for colon resection in multiple case reports and series. Nonetheless, comparative analyses with established techniques are limited in the published literature. We evaluated the efficacy of single-incision laparoscopic colectomy (SILC) for the treatment of(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal hypoxia has been implicated in the abnormal brain development seen in newborns with congenital heart disease (CHD). New magnetic resonance imaging technology now offers the potential to investigate the relationship between fetal hemodynamics and brain dysmaturation. METHODS AND RESULTS We measured fetal brain size, oxygen saturation, and(More)
We present results of an exploratory study of singlet scalar states in unquenched QCD using both glueball and meson operators. Results for non-singlet non-strange scalar mesons are also presented. We use Asqtad improved staggered fermions and gauge configurations generated by the MILC collaboration at lattice spacings of .12 and .09 fm. In this formulation,(More)
Although neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy is a common cause of childhood developmental disability, its timing, duration, and outcomes are poorly defined. Biomarkers serve as surrogates for disease injury, evolution, and outcome, but no tissue biomarker in routine clinical use can help predict outcomes in term newborn encephalopathy. We reviewed(More)
HIV-1 subtype C accounts for the vast majority of infections in South Africa. However, increasingly non-C subtypes are being detected. Here we report 10 viruses that contain sequences that group with subtypes A, D, and G as well as CRF02_AG and 1 that could not be classified. Most of these individuals were from other countries in Africa. Some of these(More)
PURPOSE Each year, about 270 children are treated at our hospital for appendicitis, and there are 200 ventriculo-peritoneal (VP) shunt procedures. The incidence of primary peritonitis after a VP shunt is 8% to 12%. The purpose of this article is to try and differentiate these 2 entities. METHODS From 1973 to 2003 inclusive, appendicitis was diagnosed in 8(More)
The discovery that even small changes in extracellular acidity can alter the excitability of neuronal networks via activation of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) could have therapeutic application in a host of neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Recent evidence suggests that activation of ASIC1a, a subtype of ASICs that is widely distributed in the(More)