Steven Mertens

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Modeling dynamic, human-centric, non-standardized and knowledge-intensive business processes with imperative process modeling approaches is very challenging. Declarative process modeling approaches are more appropriate for these processes, as they offer the run-time flexibility typically required in these cases. However, by means of a realistic healthcare(More)
Enterprise architecture (EA) serves as a means to improve business-IT and strategy-operations alignment in an organisation. While it is a fairly mature domain in large enterprises, the need for EA in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has only been recently addressed. As SMEs have different characteristics and cope with specific problems, a different(More)
Business process management has yet to fully conquer the healthcare sector. Although it has proven effective for more static and standardized healthcare processes, it does not offer a definitive answer for the dynamic, flexible and knowledge-intensive processes typically associated with the healthcare sector. Contemporary business process techniques, like(More)
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