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In this paper, we are interested in real-time flows requiring quantitative and deterministic QoS (quality of service) guarantees. We focus more particularly on two QoS parameters: the worst case end-to-end response time and jitter. We consider a FIFO (first in first out) scheduling of flows. The FIFO scheduling is the simplest one to implement and very(More)
With the enormous growth in processor performance over the last decade, it is clear that reliability, rather than performance, is now the greatest challenge for computer systems research. This is particularly true in the context of Internet services that require 24x7 operation and home computers with no professional administration. While operating system(More)
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Report " A Nation Online: How Americans are Expanding their Use of the Internet, " computer ownership and Internet use are rapidly becoming more equally distributed across households in the United States. The authors of " A Nation Online " use two statistical arguments to support this claim: 1) annual rates of(More)
In this paper I examine the evolving association between educational attainment and the timing of births. In the late 1970s, women with four-year college degrees had lower first birth rates before age 30 than women with less education, but rates of first births were similar for the two groups after age 30. From the 1970s to the 1990s, first birth rates(More)
The Falcon is a relatively inexpensive 3-DOF haptic device made by Novint for the gaming industry. The controller uses a form similar to that of the delta-robot configuration and because of this form, makes an interesting apparatus for research into control and estimation problems for robots involving parallel linkages. This paper presents the results of(More)
ii NatureServe NatureServe is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the scientific knowledge that forms the basis for effective conservation. The viewpoints in this publication are those of NatureServe and may not necessarily reflect the views of EPA. iv NatureServe Acknowledgements We are grateful for financial assistance from the U.S.(More)
This guideline for the use of immunoglobulin (IG) for sensitized patients undergoing solid organ transplantation (SOT) is an initiative of the Canadian Blood Services and the National Advisory Committee on Blood and Blood Products of Canada to (1) provide guidance for Canadian practitioners involved in the care of patients undergoing SOT and transfusion(More)
Isosurface extraction is a common technique applied in scientific visualization. Increasing sizes of volumes over which isosurfacing is to be applied combined with increasingly hierarchical parallel architectures present challenges for efficiently distributing isosurfacing work loads. We propose a technique that, with a modest amount of preprocessing,(More)
We present a technique for memory-efficient and time-efficient volume rendering of curvilinear adaptive mesh refinement data defined within extrudable computational spaces. One of the main challenges in the ray casting of curvilinear volumes is that a linear viewing ray in physical space will typically correspond to a curved ray in computational space. The(More)