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Metrics for measuring ideation effectiveness
Abstract Systematic methods for idea generation in engineering design have come about from a variety of sources. Do these methods really aid ideation? Some empirical studies have been conducted byExpand
Creative Cognition: Theory, Research, and Applications
Part 1 Introduction to creative cognition: overview the goals of creative cognition demystification of creativity previous approaches to creativity scope of creative cognition. Part 2 Theoretical andExpand
Remembering In and Out of Context
Three experiments examined the incidental associations between list-learning material and the environmental context of that list's presentation. The environmental reinstatement effect is thatExpand
Environmental context—dependent memory.
The impact on recall of reinstatement or change of the environment existing at the time of learning is reviewed. While strong and stable effects have been observed for recall, effects on recognitionExpand
Constraining effects of examples in a creative generation task
The results show that recent experience can lead to unintentional conformity, constraining the generation of creative ideas. Expand
The Constraining Effects of Initial Ideas
The first ideas to be considered during creative idea generation can have profoundly constraining effects on the scope of the ideas that are subsequently generated. Even if initial ideas are intendedExpand
The creative cognition approach.
Mental processes are the essence of creative endeavor. The Creative Cognition Approach extends this particular view of creativity, first proposed and developed by the editors in their earlier bookExpand
Environmental context and human memory
Five experiments examined the effects of environmental context on recall and recognition. In Experiment 1, variability of input environments produced higher free recall performance than unchangedExpand