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WRITING COMMITTEE MEMBERS* Patrick T. O’Gara, MD, FACC, FAHA, Chair†; Frederick G. Kushner, MD, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI, Vice Chair*†; Deborah D. Ascheim, MD, FACC†; Donald E. Casey, Jr, MD, MPH, MBA,(More)
2010;56;e50-e103; originally published online Nov 15, 2010; J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. J. Taylor, William S. Weintraub, and Nanette K. Wenger Frederick G. Kushner, Michael S. Lauer, Leslee J. Shaw, Sidney(More)
ynthia D. Adams, MSN, PHD, FAHA effrey L. Anderson, MD, FACC, FAHA hristopher E. Buller, MD, FACC ark A. Creager, MD, FACC, FAHA teven M. Ettinger, MD, FACC onathan L. Halperin, MD, FACC, FAHA arlan(More)
Jeffrey L. Anderson, MD, FACC, FAHAChair; Cynthia D. Adams, RN, PhD, FAHA; Elliott M. Antman, MD, FACC, FAHA; Charles R. Bridges, MD, ScD, FACC, FAHA; Robert M. Califf, MD, MACC; Donald E. Casey, Jr,(More)
s in PubMed), and more liberal use of summary recommendation tables (with references that support LOE) to serve as a quick reference. In April 2011, the Institute of Medicine released 2 reports:(More)
*Chair of 2004 Writing Committee; †Recused from voting on Section 8: Anticoagulants as Ancillary Therapy and Section 10: Anticoagulants; ‡Recused from voting on Section 5: Facilitated PCI; §Canadian(More)
2011 WRITING GROUP MEMBERS R. Scott Wright, MD, FACC, FAHA, Chair*; Jeffrey L. Anderson, MD, FACC, FAHA, Vice Chair*†; Cynthia D. Adams, RN, PhD, FAHA*; Charles R. Bridges, MD, ScD, FACC, FAHA†‡;(More)