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Predictive saccades to square-wave targets were investigated in school age children and adults at target frequencies of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 1.25 Hz. Both children and adults showed predictive tracking that was greatest at the middle of the frequency range, but children's saccade latencies were greater than those of adults at frequencies of 0.5 Hz and(More)
Jerrold Kemp is a researcher in the field of Instructional Design. is a relatively recent instructional design model, explained in Kemp's book, Designing Effective Instruction. Designing effective instruction. (7th ed.). Hoboken. Jerrold Kemp's instructional design model " ..conveys that the design and development process is a (Morrison, Ross, Designing(More)
Today, the exponential growth of technology usage in education, via such applications of distance education, Internet access, simulations, and educational games, has raised substantially the focus and importance of educational technology research. In this paper, we examine the past and present research trends, with emphasis on the role and contribution of(More)
The effectiveness of Tennessee EdTech Launch (TnETL), a statewide technology program designed to meet the NCLB mandate was investigated in this mixed-methods study. The goal of the program was to provide full-time, on-site technology coaches to prepare teachers to create lessons that engage students in critical thinking and use of computers as tools in(More)
Experimental research has had a long tradition in psychology and education. When psychology emerged as an infant science during the 1900s, it modeled its research methods on the established paradigms of the physical sciences, which for centuries relied on experimentation to derive principals and laws. Subsequent reliance on experimental approaches was(More)