Steven M. Jacobs

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The panel focuses on the following theme: how do we give the users of real-time applications sufficient and timeIy information needed to make critical decisions without overload or distraction? The key words are sufficient information (enough? too much? studies of acceptable ranges?) and time& information (computer and human response time) sufficient to(More)
The purpose of the CHI '89 Workshop on Real-Time, Decision Support Computer-Human Interaction was to explore issues facing users of crucial real-time, decision support computer systems such as air traffic control computers, tactical command and control systems, and missile warning computers. The workshop built on ideas presented at an earlier workshop at(More)
This paper describes a technique designed for organizing and structuring the comparison of software development management and software design practices. It is intended to provide a general method for assessing proposed software practices, especially of bidders on software contracts, and also to provide a visual aid in explaining to management how these(More)
The management of software development for single and dual processor system designs is making progress towards becoming a mature discipline. A good part of the progress can be attributed to the development and use of standard system and software engineering methods and design principles. However, new computer system designs (networking, distributed(More)
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