Steven M. Heilmann

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Projected shortages of global phosphate have prompted investigation of methods that could be employed to capture and recycle phosphate, rather than continue to allow the resource to be essentially irreversibly lost through dilution in surface waters. Hydrothermal carbonization of animal manures from large farms was investigated as a scenario for the(More)
The production of dry-grind corn ethanol results in the generation of intermediate products, thin and whole stillage, which require energy-intensive downstream processing for conversion into commercial animal feed products. Hydrothermal carbonization of thin and whole stillage coupled with anaerobic digestion was investigated as alternative processing(More)
The option of using hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) filtrate as a liquid based fertilizer for agricultural crop production was evaluated through germination and plant growth studies using corn (Zea Mays L.). Corn growth trials were conducted in a growth chamber with artificial lighting and controlled temperature programming in washed silica sand amended(More)
Clearance of impurities such as viruses, host cell protein (HCP), and DNA is a critical purification design consideration for manufacture of monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Anion exchange chromatography has frequently been utilized to accomplish this goal; however, anion exchange adsorbents based on the traditional quaternary amine (Q) ligand are(More)
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