Steven M. Cramer

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The Gibbs free energy of adsorption (delta G0ads) was estimated for several amino acids, peptides and proteins in a cation-exchange system. Using the steric mass action formalism that describes biomolecular adsorption in ion-exchange systems, the delta G0ads was chromatographically determined under infinitely dilute conditions. The delta G0ads measured for(More)
We describe the parallel synthesis and in vitro evaluation of a cationic polymer library for the discovery of nonviral gene delivery vectors. The library was synthesized based on the ring-opening polymerization reaction between epoxide groups of diglycidyl ethers and the amines of (poly)amines. Parallel screening of soluble library constituents led to the(More)
Methotrexate from various commercial sources has been found to contain 0.5 to 48% (w/w) of the enantiomer D-methotrexate. The two methotrexate enantiomers were separated by using chiral high-performance liquid chromatography with an octadecyl silica column and a mobile phase containing L-proline and cupric nitrate. For the assay of D-methotrexate impurity(More)
A range of studies were carried out to investigate the underlying reason for differences in dynamic binding capacities observed with various antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins during Protein A chromatography. Dynamic binding capacities were determined for these biomolecules using different protein A stationary phase materials. SEC was carried out to(More)
We have recently developed a novel multivalent cationic library based on the derivatization of aminoglycosides by linear polyamines. In the current study, we describe the DNA-binding activity of this library. Screening results indicated that several candidates from the library showed high DNA-binding activities with some approaching those of cationic(More)
In this paper, a wide range of antibodies from various subclasses and subfamilies are employed to evaluate the creation of generic separation processes using Protein A chromatography. The reasons for elution pH differences amongst several IgG1s, IgG2s, antibody fragments, and Fc-fusion proteins during Protein A chromatography are investigated using several(More)
In this paper Protein A mimetic and hydrophobic charge induction chromatographic (HCIC) stationary phases are characterized in terms of their protein adsorption characteristics and their selectivity is compared with Protein A chromatography using a set of Chinese hamster ovary-derived monoclonal antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins. Linear retention(More)
The ability to predict downstream protein purification processes is of great value in the biopharmaceutical industry; saving time, cost and resources. While many complex models exist, the appropriate use of simple models can be a useful tool for rapidly designing and optimizing processes as well as for risk analysis and establishing parameter ranges. In(More)
The production of recombinant pharmaceutical proteins in plants benefits from the low cost of upstream production and the greater scalability of plants compared to fermenter-based systems. Now that manufacturing processes that comply with current good manufacturing practices have been developed, plants can compete with established platforms on equal terms.(More)