Steven M. Christensen

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This documentation consists of three parts, namely "Exponential Family of Distributions", "Tube-Coordinates and z c-formula", and "Bootstrap Methods". Each part is an independent Mathematica session, and should be run separately. The calculation is third-order accurate, correct up to OHn-1 L terms ignoring the error of OHn-3ê2 L. We use "o" to indicate(More)
(1976) Vacuum expectation value of the stress ten-sor in an arbitrary curved background: The covariant point-separation method, Phys. Lineare Differentialoperatoren zweiter Ordnung mit metrischem Hauptteil und die Methode der Koinzidenzwerte in der Rie-mannschen Geometrie, Beitr. Anal. 15, 77–91.
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