Steven M. Carter

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UltraScienceNet is an experimental wide-area network testbed to enable the development of networking technologies required for the next-generation large-scale scientific applications. It provides on-demand, dedicated, high bandwidth channels for large data transfers, and also high resolution, high-precision channels for fine control operations. In the(More)
High-performance file systems that span across supercomputers and storage systems are becoming increasingly important, as these resources are being dispersed both within the enterprise and across the wide-area. Infiniband transport has been proposed as a candidate to provide high-performance access over interconnects primarily within an enterprise. In this(More)
A control-plane architecture for supporting advance reservation of dedicated bandwidth channels on a switched network infrastructure is described including the front-end web interface, user and token management scheme, bandwidth scheduler, and signaling daemon. A path computation algorithm for bandwidth scheduling is proposed based on an extension of(More)
Exercise induces a selective redistribution of CD62L− T lymphocytes. This study examined the effects of β adrenergic receptor blockade on this phenomenon. Twelve healthy men were exercised to exhaustion on a treadmill prior to and following 1 week of treatment with the nonselective β antagonist propranolol or the 1 selective antagonist metoprolol. Dynamic(More)
Ten extracted molar teeth were prepared to a standardised complete crown preparation. Five stone dies were constructed for each tooth and coated with zero, two, four, six, and eight layers of a paint-on die-spacer. Crowns were fabricated on each die and the force required for removal from each tooth was measured prior to cementation. The crown elevation and(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic heart failure (CHF) patients with elevated depression symptoms are at greater risk of morbidity and mortality. The mechanisms linking symptoms of depression with disease progression in CHF are unclear. However, research studies have found evidence of alterations in immune activity associated with depression symptoms that may influence(More)
We describe experimental results on large data transfers and stable control streams over a dedicated 1Gbps channel of several hundred miles length implemented over ORNLAtlanta production OC192 link. To support file transfers at 1Gbps rates, the end hosts are equipped with SCSI hard drives in a RAID 0 configuration and dedicated NICs, which are directly(More)
Studies suggest that physical fitness promotes cardiovascular health, including improved endothelial function and possibly reduced inflammatory responses to stressors. This study examined the effects of fitness on leukocyte-endothelial adhesion in response to an acute exercise challenge. Peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) adhesion to human umbilical(More)
This paper reviews the relevant dental literature concerning the effect of die-spacing on crown elevation and pre- and post-cementation crown retention. Techniques of providing die-spacing and measurement of the thickness of die-spacer are discussed. A review of the role of the provision of a cement space in reducing post-cementation crown elevation is(More)